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2019.10.19 スタッフブログ

☆Happy Halloween and performance of BMX in Fukuoka☆ ~ホテルフラトン福岡博多通信 vol.53

I'm Daisuke from front office, I'll introduce of the Halloween also some of events on 27th Oct at Fukuoka.
500 people who wear the special costume, painting the face like the character of anime also Halloween will walk down street with parade from Hakata Riverain to the Canal City Fukuoka.

It's an awesome!!
It's amezing parade!!

Furthermore, it will be hold contest of thier costume who the best one at  the Canal City Fukuoka after finish parade.
You could be good experience when you see the  Japanese Halloween.

【I'll show you the details which date also time of the event bellow】
・The parade will start from 2PM on 27th Oct at the Hakata Riverain
・The contest will start from 4PM on 27th Oct at the Canal City Fukuoka
・It's no need to pay for just only see the parade and the contest


・Hakata Riverain   →
・Canal City Fukuoka→

Additional events which one of the BMX player who's name "YUYA" join on same day in Canal City Fukuoka!!
He's professional perfomer with BMX in the world !!
You could see amezing his trick of BMX on that day!! 

【details bellow】
・The entrance fee   → No Fee
・The date and time →      Let's check these hots event out!!   Thank you!!



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